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Avatar Ladyfest 2012

celebrating female characters in ATLA & Korra

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Name:bad girls do it well
Location:Republic City, United Republic of Nations
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Avatar Ladyfest is a fic and art exchange celebrating the female characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and related canonical works. Do you love Avatar ladies? Do you want to write stories and create art about them? Then you've sure come to the right place! This place. Here.

Great. You've decided. Hop in your Satomobile or on your flying bison and let's get this show on the road:

Monday, July 23: Sign-ups open
Friday, August 3: Sign-ups close
Friday, August 11-12: Assignments are emailed out
Wednesday, October 10: Fics and art due
Monday, October 15: Posting begins! And continues through Thursday, October 18.
Friday, October 19: Artists and authors are revealed!

If you have questions, please send them to: avatar.ladyfest2012 [at]!! Thanks to the ever-excellent [ profile] ferricent for our banner. And be sure to visit our friends over at [community profile] fma_ladyfest!

Livejournal flavor at [ profile] avatar_ladyfest

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avatar the last airbender, characters of color, female characters, ladies being friends, ladies doing things, ladies kissing, the legend of korra
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